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Helping You With All Your Finance Broking and Credit Licence Support Needs

As a broker, you have several tasks and requirements to fulfil, from compliance regulations to operational and sales excellence. You also have to worry about the tighter and more competitive market. Now is the best time to be more efficient than ever.

SalesKey is made up of a team of professionals with years of experience in finance. We understand the ins and outs concerning financier products and systems, as well as the laws surrounding the practice. Using our acquired knowledge and skills through our experience in the finance industry, we have come up with broker support services for brokerage firms and independent brokers.


Using our acquired knowledge and skills through our experience in the finance industry, we have come up with broker support services for brokerage firms and independent brokers.


Broker Support


Enable your business and staff, including loan writers, credit support, and customer service representatives to become even more productive. SalesKey offers efficient broker support services designed to help alleviate the stress in operating a business in the ever-changing broking industry.

SalesKey discusses everything with you. Tell us about how your firm typically runs and what your current and future needs. We’ll brainstorm with you to create a tailored solution that will work best for your business. We have an array of broker support services, including but not limited to:

File Auditing: Licensees are required to show you are monitoring and assessing your staff. Therefore, you need to show that you audit each broker's files. It's a demanding and lengthy task, but you can assign it all to SalesKey.
General Compliance Support: We can keep you up to date with all the latest industry and regulatory changes, plus we can monitor your internal processes to ensure they comply.
Training: Train with us or enrol your staff to our learning programs.
Management Mentoring: We will guide you towards achieving your goal. Our mentorships include overseeing developments, methods of implementation, and evaluation.
Help Desk: We provide 24/7 customer compliance support. Any time you or your team have a compliance query, we’re there for you!

We also offer comprehensive business reviews where we can take a look at your business from ‘top to bottom’ and provide our recommendations for improvement and risk mitigation.

All our services can be augmented by our self-serve compliance platform, comply365.


Why Choose


When looking for broker support services, you want a provider that has extensive experience in the industry you’re in. Broking and the financial sector can be brutal. You have never-ending duties to accomplish, which continue to spread across different areas of the business.

SalesKey knows how it is like to be in this situation. That’s why our broker assistance solutions are customised according to the needs of your firm. We help to break down the complex tasks into smaller, manageable components. That way, we can help you streamline your processes and compliance-related obligations.

Our goal here at SalesKey is to make everything much easier for you. Whether you need assistance in compliance, operations, management, or even customer support, you can count on us to be a part of your team. 

How We Can

Help You

We understand that running a brokerage is a great challenge. Trust us; we have seen how gruelling the industry can be at times. One of the things we have learned in our finance industry experience is that you should seek assistance from people who have been where you are right now.

SalesKey is the partner you need to succeed in this unpredictable sector. We’re here to help you starting from setting your brokerage to acquiring your Australian Credit Licence. Finance is our speciality. Brokers can count on us when liaising with lending institutions and creditors. We work with you to ensure your compliance requirements are met.

Our dedicated team here at SalesKey is always ready to answer your questions. Our broker support services relieve the stress of managing your business’ internal processes. That way, you can solely focus on the most important: being a broker.

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Are you looking for a quick and innovative solution to handle compliance or gain business support? You’ve come to the right place. Talk to one of our specialists to get an insight into how SalesKey can help you. Contact us through mobile, phone, or email. We’ll respond as soon as we can.