Best in Market Compliance, Audit and Digital Signing Platforms

Whilst expert input is important, so is technology and leveraging that to enhance your business processes.

We have two core technology platforms, both designed by brokers for brokers!  Both aid compliant trading as a Finance Broker and in the case of comply365, it also educates.


With, you can have Disclosure Documents delivered electronically. There’s no need to download an app to create, manage, or publish reports and statements. This smart online service offers the following benefits:

  • All documents have the necessary details, such as the date, time, and location, to demonstrate compliant delivery and acceptance.
  • Your dashboard contains every transaction you have made so you can conveniently access the information you need.
  • It supports sign-on-glass technology to secure proof of document delivery. is the easiest way to disclose confidently and accurately. All documents generated are in compliance with the NCCP Act. It is a perfect solution for smaller operators who don’t utilise a complex loan platform.


comply365 is an innovative platform designed exclusively for assessing, monitoring, and understanding compliance requirements.

The system features ensure your ACL is protected and managed appropriately.

  • Self-conducted comprehensive Responsible Lending file audits
  • Self-conducted audits on your ACL (if appropriate) and its obligations
  • Receive and share reports and certificates for completed audits
  • Provide oversight permissions for ‘parent’ entities, such as Aggregators and Lenders, so they can monitor your results.
  • Request and receive independent expert input into your audit program
  • Gain points for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Achieve all of the above and keep up-to-date via one innovative dashboard

Protect your ACL and educate yourself and your team, whilst using comply365.


Who Are We?

A new era in the financial industry’s compliance is here, with stringent rules that you need to keep up with to stay on top. We’ve founded SalesKey to make compliance easy and allow you to compliantly grow your client base, whilst improving your own knowledge!  We partner with business owners to deliver Better Outcomes.

We’ve conducted years of research talking to finance providers and brokers. Plus, we’ve run our own businesses in this space!  This has allowed us to identify the things that keep professionals from performing tasks that are crucial to the success of their business.

We’ve responded with efficient platforms that aim to lighten your load when considering compliance.


Why Choose


SalesKey shows the advantages of being technologically-inclined, especially in today’s world. Working in the finance industry is quite challenging, and it gets even more difficult when you do not comply with regulations. SalesKey has collaborated with leading professionals in the country to provide solutions to brokers.

Our systems are easy to use so you can spend time building a strong relationship with your customers. Quickly and conveniently manage your compliance obligations with SalesKey.

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