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SalesKey are experts in applying for new Australian Credit Licences and also in providing support packages that then help you protect this valuable asset. 

Over the years, the Australian Credit Licence application process has become trickier than ever. Since its introduction in 2010, the SalesKey team has studied all the involved application steps and procedures. We have adapted to this new system, as well as the relevant changes with ASIC.

SalesKey has helped numerous credit licence applications, and we’re proud to say we have an extremely high success rate. When you partner with SalesKey, you can be sure that your chances of getting approved for an ACL will be significantly enhanced.


Are you wondering how to get a credit licence? When you partner with us, your chances of getting approved for an Australian Credit Licence will be significantly enhanced.


What is

Credit Licensing?

If you plan to run a business that engages in credit activity, you are required by law to obtain an ACL. Formally known as the Australian Credit Licence, it gives you and your representatives the authority to perform credit activities specified on the licence acquired.

To know if you need this licence, you should belong in one of these two groups:


You work with credit providers or offer services to them. Some examples include intermediaries and agents such as Finance Brokers.


You are a credit provider, which includes being a lessor and lender or running a lending firm.

If you provide, engage in, or gain benefits from the following, you are participating in credit activity:

Consumer leases
Credit assistance services
Credit contracts

Among the several eligibility requirements include having a good record, especially in managing your credit. You need to be a member of a dispute resolution scheme and have appropriate professional indemnity insurance. You also have to readily show you can comply with the licensing requirements as per ASIC.

How Can

We Help You?

A successful application should meet all the requirements specified by ASIC. The process can get confusing, often leading to the Regulator denying the ACL application. Not to worry; we're here to make it easier for you. Having assisted many finance providers in the past, we are confident that we can help you obtain your Australian Credit Licence.
Here's how we help:

We provide an obligation-free interview prior to sending out your application. It helps us determine whether or not you're qualified for the assessment done by ASIC. 


Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we collect and organise your data to develop a Business Overview.


We will then complete your ASIC Credit Licence application online and liaise with ASIC on your behalf, addressing any questions that may arise.

ACLs are also required to have a tailored General Obligations Manual, which contain the following policies. We work with you to create a customised manual for your ACL:

How you plan to identify and solve any Conflicts of Interest
Your methodology for appointing, training, and assessing your Representatives
Your process for Dispute Resolution and Complaint Handling
A list of strategies and resources for your business' Financial Resources, Information Technology, Human Resources, Compensation Payments, and Risk Management
Your company's policies and procedures for Responsible Lending in line with the National Consumer Protection Act

Why Choose


SalesKey makes sure to maintain a professional relationship with you to complete a comprehensive process. We will continue to communicate with you, most especially during the process of developing Responsible Lending and ACL-related policies.

Our extensive experience in the credit industry, as well as in providing credit licensing application assistance, enable us to provide you with specific and useful advice. We do not just help you prepare for your Australian Credit Licence application, but also ensure you meet all ASIC requirements.

Our services also include policies and procedures as part of being a compliant licensee. We are experts in developing policies that perfectly sum up your business and its operations. Unlike other credit licensing service providers, we never create generic policies. Our pre-qualifying interview with you allows us to design guidelines based on your actual situation.

We then utilise these policies as the foundation for lodging your application. And we do not stop here. We make sure to follow through with the Regulator up until your application is deemed successful.

Meanwhile, if you’re a self-sufficient individual and believe you can create your policies on your own, we can still help with advice and oversight.

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