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In 2011, the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act commenced. Since then, the requirements for businesses and individuals offering credit services has continued to evolve.

Unfortunately, these evolutions have caused confusion. Our business was founded on the simple premise of helping to de-mystify such legislative requirements and to empower finance brokers to build sustained success without such confusion and concern.

Whether it be NCCP Responsible Lending or Best Interest Duty, conducting credit activities comes with strict duties. These apply to both lenders and brokers.

SalesKey offers compliance support packages that can assist you in maintaining registration and licencing. Our dedicated Australian-based experts guide you in meeting your business’ obligations under the Australian Credit Licence laws and regulations.


Our experienced Australian-based team can assist with all areas of NCCP Compliance, including documentation, policies, and procedures, and more.



NCCP Regulations and Compliance


As part of your Responsible Lending obligations, you are required to undertake specific steps, particularly in learning more about your clients and their objectives and circumstances.

It’s more than simply knowing who your client is and their objectives. You need to make reasonable enquiries regarding the consumer’s situation, goals, and requirements. You also have to verify the information given to you and ultimately you need to make a proper assessment of loan suitability.

Those responsibilities can be demanding, but SalesKey is here to make the job less complicated. We have partnered with a top consumer law firm. With their legal expertise, combined with our industry knowledge, we have developed the following document templates that we can customise for your business:

Credit Guides
Credit Quotes
Credit Representative Agreements
Customer Fact-Finds
Credit Proposals
Preliminary Assessments
Privacy Consents
Referrer Agreements

Each document delivered is ultimately tailored specifically for your business but are ALWAYS compliant with NCCP regulations and legislation.

ACL General Obligation

Policies & Procedures

As a credit licence holder, you're required by law to implement compliance measures in your business and have these documented.  Every year, when you renew your ACL, you declare to ASIC that you have this in place.  Do you really have these? If not, you risk large fines.

 Here at SalesKey, we know how frustrating it is to deal with a one-size-fits-all approach. It's why we offer customised policies and procedures that suit the size, model, and operations of your financial business. We will prepare your procedure manual, which covers General Conduct Obligations, including:


Arrangements for ensuring legislative compliance at all time


Provisions for dealing with conflicts of interest


Proper structures for training and competence programs


How to appoint, monitor and train your staff and credit representatives


How you handle disputes


Availability of HR, IT and Financial resources


Risk Management


Adherence to Responsible Lending and Best Interests Duty legislation.

All procedures above are tailored to your business, making up documentation that the ASIC requires for ACL holders and applicants, PLUS creating a practical operating manual for your business and staff to follow.

Compliance With


Complement manual documentation and close oversight with technology. 

SalesKey offers comply365, an innovative platform designed exclusively for assessing, monitoring, and understanding compliance requirements.


The system is useful to finance brokers with features that help ensure the ACL is maintained properly and all credit assistance activities are compliant.  With our state-of-the-art platform, comply365, you will get the following benefits:

Self-conducted comprehensive Responsible Lending file audits
Self-conducted audits on your ACL (if appropriate) and its obligations
Receive and share reports and certificates for completed audits
Provide oversight permissions for ‘parent’ entities, such as Aggregators and Lenders, so they can monitor your results.
Request and receive independent expert input into your audit program
Gain points for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Achieve all of the above and keep up-to-date via one innovative dashboard

You can easily test and ensure NCCP compliance with SalesKey’s Comply365, whilst showing others that are you’ve adopted strong measures. 

Also, the system is designed to help you and your team learn as you use it.


Why Choose


Working in the finance industry has never been just a job for us. It has always been our passion to assist businesses, especially in grasping the complexities of compliance regulations. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to study, understand, and implement the ASIC and NCCP requirements to our own firms. This time, we’re doing our best to disperse essential information to others in the finance and credit industries.

SalesKey aims to educate and empower finance brokers through the processes we have developed. These processes are devised to ensure you are confident with your business and actions as you stay 100% compliant with the ACL law. With our help, you are not only protecting your business structure but also your clients. For us, that is the most rewarding part of our NCCP Compliance support packages.

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