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We Provide Practical Finance Broker Training Programs - Facilitated by Industry Experts.

As a credit assistance professional, you have many obligations, which you can fulfil with proper education. Furthermore, with strong education and training even the most experienced finance broker can expand their skillset and be more comfortable in their day-to-day role.

By engaging with experts like SalesKey, you can better understand the ever-changing requirements and regulations of the industry. More importantly, you stay qualified and become more equipped to handle the credit needs of your clients.

Stay a step ahead of the very competitive broking and finance business landscape by signing up for SalesKey training and coaching services.

Lenders, aggregators, and other intermediaries, as well as new entrants in the consumer credit industry, are all welcome to train with us online or on-site.

Plus, this is a great way to obtain CPD points!



We Teach

SalesKey has devised various training programs that aim to do more than educate finance brokers. Our approach is to not just teach, but to empower brokers to become more competent in this cut-throat industry. Why not grab the opportunity to upskill? Improve your skills and deepen your knowledge.


You’ll Learn

We have a range of training programs designed for finance professionals.

Do you have the necessary qualification, but you cannot seem to handle tricky clients correctly? Are you a non-specialist and require an in-depth lesson regarding asset finance? Does responsible lending seem way too complicated?

We have everything you need to stay competitive, knowledgeable and a reputable expert in the industry. Learn through us with the following SalesKey courses:


Responsible Lending for Finance Brokers


How to comply with your ACL’s General Business Obligations


Effective Client Interviews


Asset Finance 101 for Non-specialists


Lender and Insurer Product and Accreditation Programs

Our courses are a result of collaborative efforts of industry experts, including finance brokers, lenders, and aggregators. Most finance and credit professionals face the client, which is why our courses are based on a frontline perspective. We can also create customised programs.

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Industry Experts

When you need to improve your knowledge or require finance broking training, SalesKey is the industry expert to turn to. We help our clients achieve the necessary education and training to become better service providers.

SalesKey’s training programs assist you when it comes to compliance, risk reduction, better client experiences, and other governance matters. Our years of experience in the industry give us the edge to offer practical education, training, and facilitation to deliver better outcomes for you and your business that other training organisations cannot.


Facilitation &


All financial organisations and professionals should have the necessary experience that regulators require. But often, competencies are lacking, which can prove to be a significant hindrance to your business goals.

We have the solution. SalesKey offers facilitation and coaching services that will help train personnel to supplement the proficiency of the current team. 



We conduct coaching in two ways: through video conferencing and on-site coaching. All sessions will be facilitated by industry experts to help trainees understand and run the business, which entails business mentorship. We also offer coaching services for the facilitation of sales and management programs.

The SalesKey


Our team of facilitators and coaches aim to provide trainees with compliance solutions, recommendations, and real-world examples.

Each solution is practical, effective, and of good value. Our process delivers high-quality compliance programs, along with continual training, so staff are up-to-date with all the regulatory changes and industry best practices.

SalesKey coaching and facilitation programs are effective with outstanding results and satisfied trainees. Our tactic involves experienced professionals in the finance industry that work closely with the clients.

That way, these clients or learners will understand how their individual business should be whilst meeting compliance requirements.


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