Myself and the team @MMF can't thank the SalesKey team enough for their immense contribution to MMF and its current mortgage broker operations. After partnering with SalesKey, we've seen a vast improvement in all applications of our NCCP, BID and Responsible Lending compliance obligations. The ongoing support from the SalesKey team has again enabled MMF and its staff to focus on the absolute needs around our compliance framework. With an ongoing and up-to-date Operating Manual that SalesKey helped us develop, we are more confident than ever that we are up to date and in line with the compliance sphere of all regulatory bodies. Overall, with SalesKey as our Compliance Partner, our core focus is now totally customer-centric and this has allowed us to feel confident again within the compliance-focused world we now operate within.
Brett McMurrick - Principal, MMF Finance & Consulting
The team at SalesKey are truly first class! Scott and Paris were a delight to work with and they helped me secure an ACL for my Long Property mortgage broking business in record time. The ACL is invaluable for my business in that I have a reliable framework through which I can grow my business by taking on new loan writers now. SalesKey have become my trusted advisers for ongoing regulatory and compliance advice and I am very fortunate to have built the relationship.
Daniel Gold - Principal, Long Property
Having worked for Scott and Darren before, when establishing out business I know that their advice and expertise would be invaluable in the starting off in the right direction. Supported by an amazing team, they've been a continual guide for us in navigating everything from licence renewal documentation to continuous improvement of our processes and compliance.
David Johnson - General Manager, Liquid Capital Financial Services
I would like to thank and recommend Scott and Paris from SalesKey. They made the process of applying and obtaining our Australian Credit Licence straightforward. Throughout the process Scott and Paris set clear expectations of timelines and communicated this every step of the way. I look forward to working with Scott, Paris and the team at SalesKey in the future for ongoing compliance.​
Chris Semetas - Director, Eastbourne Capital​
Working with Darren and the team has been great. In the finance world, legislation is constantly changing and evolving. As a business it is of critical importance that we are up to date with this regulation, not only to maintain our responsibilities with the regulator but also to provide an excellent experience for our customers. The SalesKey team have a very consistent process and a well established relationship with the regulator. Engaging the team allowed us as a business not only to take advantage of their expertise but also allowed us to leverage their relationships. As a result we achieved results quicker than we expected and at a cost cheaper than competing firms. I am extremely grateful to have come across the SalesKey team, I am convinced their services have saved us a lot of money, not to mention countless hours of work. We will maintain our relationship with SalesKey well into the future who have proven to be an enormous asset in the world of compliance. Thanks so much, SalesKey Team.
Jack Talbot – Director, Leverage Capital Pty Ltd.
I’m just wanting to take the time to say a massive thank to the amazing SalesKey team. In particular, thanks to Angelique for always being so efficient and responsive. SalesKey took the time to identify what we do and actually praise this! This is very rare when you are being audited and their job is to identify what you do WRONG! Not only did Angelique identify areas where we can improve, she took the time to actually show us where these matters were occurring. She also assisted us in coming up with ways to fix and prevent such matters from appearing again. We have used other compliance support providers and not one has actually wanted to assist us and see us do better. This is what SalesKey provides. We were in the middle of a major audit with our Aggregator and SalesKey literally saved our business. I’ll refer SalesKey to anyone who will listen, and I am really looking forward to our Feb and March results to see the implemented changes bring about even better results.
Jacob Zilic – Director, Zilch Finance.
Darren Rumble and the team at SalesKey, have been great to deal with. I was promised an easy process, and that is exactly what I experienced. I understand getting your credit license is not easy, but I must say having SalesKey doing all the heavy lifting on the back end, it made it very easy and stress free. I would like to thank Darren Rumble and the team at SalesKey for making this happen and delivering on the promises that were made. One of the best in the industry…. HIGHLY recommend using SalesKey…..
Sam Ehavandi – Director, Prime Lending Solutions Pty Ltd.
I was referred to SalesKey from a number of contacts within the industry when looking to establish my business and navigate the process of setting up a credit licence and get guidance as to the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the compliance requirements. I spoke to Scott and Angelique and they were able to give assistance throughout the whole convoluted process. Nothing was too difficult, they were always available to speak to, and had plenty of patience for someone who hasn’t been through this all before. SalesKey have also been instrumental since we’ve kicked off in ensuring all of the compliance guidelines are being met to minimise risk to myself personally, and all of our staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SalesKey to anyone who was looking to set up a credit licence or to make sure that they are following best practices for compliance.
Mark Payne – Director, Finance101.com.au Pty Ltd.
When applying for our ACL, all I heard were horror stories about the mountain of paperwork, all the hoops we would have the jump through and more importantly the turn around time of getting it all done. But working closely with Angelique and Salekey made this process as simple and stress free as it could possibly be. From start to finish, they took care of everything and kept me updated every step of the way. It was seamless process.. I highly recommend using SalesKey for anyone looking to set up their ACL or anything compliance in general.
Mark Payne – Director, Finance101.com.au Pty Ltd.
We engaged SalesKey as our ‘go-to’ provider for all questions in relation to our ACL application. They were easy to deal with and very supportive throughout the entire journey. They have a solid understanding of the application process and are familiar with the regulator’s general concerns and timing. Professional at all times…
Justin Quay – Founder, Shroogle Pty Ltd
We would like to thank and recommend SalesKey. They made the process of applying and getting our ACL straightforward and uncomplicated. During the process, Scott (as our primary contact) was professional, approachable, and willing to work with the needs of our business. Clear expectations and timelines were always communicated effectively and clearly. Thanks to SalesKey we have been able to navigate through the complexity of obtaining our licence and have set our business up for success in the future. We look forward to working with the team in the future for our ongoing compliance needs.
Ben Brown – National Operations Manager, Rate Money
I was first referred to SalesKey by an industry associate and we subsequently engaged their services to assist in our Credit License application. After what seemed like an effortless application process, SalesKey helped us establish a robust compliance culture that extended beyond the usual ‘tick and flick’ forms to become an important part of the business’ operating DNA. From the time of our first discussion, the SalesKey team have demonstrated a level of professionalism and efficiency second to none. The value of the relationship is ongoing with our business retaining SalesKey for all matters of compliance. We are reliant on their communications to keep us ahead of the curve when it comes to our process and industry changes. Despite the uncertainty and stresses placed on our industry in the current era, SalesKey have been willing to offer an increased level of advice, guidance and even a little friendship. It’s hard to imagine our business operating without them.
Simon Penhaligon – Managing Partner, Drive On Finance
Having experienced managing a credit licence previously and also dealing with a different company for compliance support, I have found my dealings with all the guys at SalesKey somewhat refreshing. I engaged SalesKey to obtain my own licence, as well as to navigate through a change of business entity. They have been extremely helpful and especially approachable with all of my needs. I look forward to building my business in partnership with SalesKey!
Ben Needle, Director – Biziloans
Scott Valle & Angelique Oliver from SalesKey have been instrumental in setting my brokerage right from the start. They have been my go-to for licensing, setting up my Credit Licence, liaising with lenders and the most important, making sure my compliance is airtight. They are always available to answer any questions in terms of my obligations as a Credit Licence holder while ensuring NCCP guidelines are followed in this complex lending world with policies changing almost every month. They have been pivotal in my business’s success and taking away the stress of managing internal control and processes while I could concentrate on being a broker. I highly recommend their services for any brokerage looking to scale up while being compliant.
Ramy Puneet, Director – Aqua Loans Australia
Scott, Angelique and the team at SalesKey have been fantastic to deal with from start to date. Please note that I have not used the word finished, because we will be using SalesKey for compliance monitoring and reviews in the future as well! In saying that, it has been immensely helpful to have a full review of our business operations. We are very grateful for their help with ensuring our ASIC documentation and compliance requirements are 100% adhered to. Both Scott and Ange have been very good at making sure we have no gaps in our process. They have also been great at suggesting ways we could be more efficient and to save costs. Most importantly, we didn’t feel any embarrassment when there were items to address and it also didn’t seem like it was a mountain of a task, thanks to their help. They’re genuine people and we will recommend to other brokers (we already have and will continue to do so!).”
Luke Jacobson & Tony van de Kerkhof, Directors – JK Finance
With so many changes to the lending landscape, it was important to know that our compliance & overall business processes were meeting our credit license obligations. We engaged the services of SalesKey to conduct an external review of all of our processes, including staff engagement in credit services and the processes of external authorised credit representatives. The report they provided on the review was invaluable and gave us a great insight on how we can improve our systems and processes. For any business engaging in credit services, SalesKey is a very affordable option and a must! Darren & Scott specialise in educating businesses in correct compliance procedures. Their industry knowledge is second to none, which gives me great comfort in an industry that is undergoing major reform.
Sandra Jeffery – Director, SJ Financial Services
We made contact with SalesKey and Scott made himself available for a meeting soon after. In monitoring our compliance obligations, SalesKey provided practical advice and a common sense approach was taken. An updated ACL General Obligations policy manual was developed and implemented in a timely manner and this included a practical policy for us to follow in regard to Responsible Lending procedures. We highly recommend using SalesKey to reviewing any Finance Broking business.
Phil Sealy – Director, Guardian National Mortgage
We engaged SalesKey to conduct an external review of our ACL compliance and overall business process to ensure we were doing everything possible to protect our credit license. Both Darren and Scott took the time to get to know the ins and outs of our business and how we work. They then provided us with feedback and a report that was invaluable for us as a business. Their guidance not only picked up on a few key areas around process that we needed to address in our business, but also provided us with practical ways we can streamline our business and become more efficient. The level of experience the guys have was clearly evident and meant that we were dealing with people who knew the exact challenges we face as a business. We would highly recommend SalesKey to any business that wants to improve their internal controls and processes and ensure their business’s success into the future
Caleb Gunn – General Manager, Car Beagle
We recently added an additional ACL to our business and decided to enlist the services of SalesKey. Having been through the process myself a number of times, I know how complicated and time consuming this can be. Darren took care of the whole process successfully, efficiently and well ahead of schedule. Scott also shared his knowledge on some of our existing policies and procedures which proved helpful even for an experienced broker, and would be invaluable for newer entrants to the industry.
Paul Young – Director, Vehicle Finance Solutions Pty Ltd
I commissioned SalesKey to review my compliance obligations late last year. I found their industry knowledge and proactive approach towards meeting my compliance obligations very beneficial. They were able to assist in providing all the necessary documentation and advice in order to satisfy the compliance requirements of the Mortgage Industry. I have now retained their ongoing support to assist in the ever changing Mortgage Industry.
Geoff Schintler, Director – Mainland Finance Bendigo
I would like to thank SalesKey for assisting our business and providing a clear pathway to manage our credit licence. We have held a licence for several years and as a small business we have found it challenging to fully understand our obligations. Although we spent time to understand what is required, the lack of clear direction made it an ongoing challenge. Also, with so many changes in the credit industry, it became clear we needed to engage with SalesKey. SalesKey has helped us to understand exactly what is required under our licence, and how we need to oversee the work of our credit representatives. This gives us great confidence as we continue to grow our business. In particular, I would like to thank SalesKey for their support and willingness to assist. I continue to contact them regularly, and they have always been helpful, friendly and quick to respond. Their input to our business has been valuable, and I believe will be a contribution to our future successes.
Darren Sayers, Director – Bluehive Financial Services
I would like to show appreciation to the team at SalesKey. Firstly, after 7 years in finance they gave me the confidence to finally to apply for my own Credit Licence. Thanks to their coaching and the easy process they facilitated, the startup of Approved Financial Lending Group and the securing my credit licence in less time than l thought possible, was achieved. During what has been a difficult time for brokers with the royal commission in full swing, they went above and beyond to help me. This was not only with all the necessary credit licensing needs, but also by sound advice in everything l would need to be ready and compliant from the start of my new business. Thanks guys! l would not be running Approved Financial without your support.
Victoria Carton – Director, Approved Financial Lending Group
I recently decided to apply for my own ACL. I have been referred to SalesKey and cannot thank the team enough for the quick and easy process of the application. I had my ACL in no time and so hassle free. I now rely on ongoing support by SalesKey and have already recommended them to other brokers needing the same support. Thank you SalesKey for all your support and quick responses to my queries.
Nakhshin Mohamad – Asset & Equipment Finance Specialist, Diamond Finance Choice
The guys at SalesKey don’t just give us expert advice in compliance, their extensive experience in our specific field of business helps us grow, adapt and stay up to date. With this ever-changing industry and marketplace, especially at this point in time of Royal Commissions and idiotic bureaucracy, we believe the SalesKey value proposition is well worth the investment.
Tim Cleary – Business Development Manager, Finance Ezi
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Scott and Darren from SalesKey for their support and wisdom. We were another business that believed it had all the right controls and structures in place and with the help of the guys we have changed and implemented new controls, standards and processes. We believe these to be extremely important and beneficial to the business including improving our confidence in compliance and controls across all business units. Both Scott and Darren are extremely experienced and wise, so I can highly recommend them to anyone considering their service and guarantee that they will add immense value to your business through their support and wisdom.
Angelo Lauro – Director, Australian Finance Aggregation
Darren and Scott have been instrumental in assisting Loans Unlimited get up and running. They have been involved in most decisions we have made from the very beginning, their knowledge and expertise on the finance industry is second to none. From choice of aggregator, obtaining our credit licence including all necessary disclosure documents, compliance audits to even a late night business strategy catch up, they have done it all! We are extremely grateful and glad that we engaged with SalesKey and are looking forward to a very long term business relationship with them.
Neil Bennett – Director, Loans Unlimited
We had utilised another compliance company for 3 years and made the decision to change to SalesKey as we were seeking to associate ourselves with a business specifically aligned to the Asset Finance sector. To say we have been pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The initial overview of our business provided us with a comprehensive report on areas that needed improvement. In providing solutions to these areas, particular detail and guidance was provided to ensure that our current sales process not only remained, but was enhanced, enabling our brokers more opportunities to present our full range of product offerings consistently. With our industry currently undergoing major reform, it is reassuring to know that we have established a long term, ongoing partnership with a team that fully understands Asset Finance – both compliance and profit.
Les Crowe – National Finance + Loans
I recently needed to apply for my own ACL and had the good fortune to be referred to SalesKey. I cannot thank SakesKey enough for their input and advice. SalesKey significant knowledge and experience re all the compliance requirements and the process of licence application. I fully intend to rely upon on-going support from SalesKey going forward and would whole heartedly recommend them for anyone needing similar assistance.
Sean Beavis – Finance Broker/Director, Pocket Finance
SalesKey recently completed my ACL application. They offer a very informative and professional service. SalesKey took control and had my credit licence completed before the recommended time, with next to no effort required by me. I now am fully functional under my very own ACL all thanks to SalesKey, I couldn’t have done it without them!
Sherreena Rizvi-Gay – Director, Project 1 Finance
The move from Credit Rep to Licensee has given us real control of our business. SalesKey were absolutely fundamental to this change. The support and guidance given, turned the seemingly overwhelming prospect into a fairly straightforward process. With SalesKey’s ongoing support, our increased responsibilities have become a positive addition to our organisational culture.
Grant Clayton – Director & Responsible Manager, Drive On Finance Pty Limited