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Our monthly updates usually include commentary on industry or regulatory updates and when looking at ASIC’s published calendar for 2020, we’re certain to be sharing more such views in coming months.

However, as we start this year, we thought it appropriate to look beyond compliance, beyond sales performance tips and beyond methodologies to ensure operational excellence and ask you all a couple of personal questions…

Are you appropriately rested and inspired?  and
Do you have the appropriate energy and focus to tackle 2020?

In a recent article published within MPA Magazine, Bernadette Christie-David from Atelier Wealth, includes some insightful commentary on the value of ‘Energy Management’ vs. ‘Time Management’ – click here for the full article. When reading this article over the Christmas break, it reminded us of the value in ensuring we take time to ensure we are rested over this summer period and therefore storing some valuable energy reserves for the year ahead.

We hope you and your team have had the chance to do so also.

This article also highlights the importance of being efficient with your energy and time. For example, if 2019 was a year that felt like you were always “chasing your tail” then this article includes some good tips to better focus on important but less urgent tasks that sometimes we don’t get to.
As examples;

  • Have you, or will you, make specific time regularly to assess the strategy of your business during 2020?
  • Have you, or will you, make specific time to develop yourself and your team during 2020?
  • Have you, or will you, make specific time to enjoy yourself at work during 2020?
  • Have you, or will you, make time during 2020 to assess the appropriateness of your operational processes and the robustness of your compliance regime?

The last question above definitely fits in the ‘Important’ category but is something that often gets ignored in amongst the busyness of day-to-day tasks. We ask you to consider though

Can you afford to have poor compliance standards within your business?

The ramifications of having poor training, poor oversight and non-compliant procedures, especially for those within the consumer finance industry are significant and given ASIC’s commentary throughout the latter half of 2019, we expect this to further increase during 2020.

That is why we created SalesKey in the first place…
To provide a cost-effective and expert service to help business owners within the Finance industry to assess and subsequently enhance the compliance standards of their business.

Our passion is to share our knowledge and expertise so that regulatory compliance requirements are easier to understand and even easier to implement. As you start the year, we’d encourage you to give us a call. We’d enjoy having an obligation-free discussion about your business and to hear about any concerns you may have in regard to compliance.
The solution to a concern you keep avoiding may be simpler to implement than what you think! Therefore, don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 954 488 or drop us an email at

Happy new year everyone and here’s to an amazing 2020 for us all.
Scott and Darren.